Waterwheel – Windmill sold out

And now this is sold out:
Windmill • Waterwheel – Waterwheel • Windmill

It is a peculiarly named album by Kirk Marrison and Charlie Nash (Arsenal/Rhys Chatham), both linked with the excellent ’90s post-ambient/post-rock band Fibreforms and current project, Kiln.

A bit of a backstory on this one:
Evan was a shadow DJ for two guys at UVM’s college radio station, back in 2003. They introduced him to Fibreforms’ Treedrums, and it remains, to this day, one of his favorite albums, expertly blending organic textures with absolutely soaring song compositions.

After we started Notice Recordings, Evan contacted Kirk to see if he had any unreleased material; perhaps old experiments on tape, that he’d be willing to pass on. He instead sent us this album, which is quite strange. Especially odd for Notice, but, personally, we think it’s an odd album within any context. It does more or less fit (we think), into some of the early/mid-’90s ambient and electronic scenes à la the Extreme label, Vidna Obmana, some Asmus Tietchens, et al.

Anyway, it was recorded in 1997, and released through us in 2011.
Free (for now) download, here:

About Notice

Cassette label established by Evan Lindorff-Ellery and Travis Bird in Chicago, IL, in 2010. Currently based in New Orleans. Focusing on sound art, minimalism, and other thoughtful avant-garde excursions made with the cassette medium in mind.
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