Organ of Species
Random Selection

Organ of Species is the newest musical incarnation of Scott Cloud (Thoughts On Air; Cloud Valley Recordings). For OOS’ debut release, Scott focuses on documenting, or even mirroring, natural processes through his organic and unhurried pieces. The bases for these tracks are woolly, thick organ drones and heavy outdoor ambience that are constantly, subtly regenerating. There is the path, and there are constant divergences from the path. Overgrown textures roll along with occasional mutations, interruptions, and overtakings. Just as suddenly, things cut and shift entirely, forming a series of non-narrative snapshots into a process that is constantly occurring, resolutely alive. With minimal human interference, the music breathes on its own. A few foreboding elements toward the end of each side point to a disturbance, but we can’t read too much into it—this is just the nature of things.

– Professionally duplicated
– Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery, marbled paper by unknown artist
– Foil stamped by ArEn on digitally printed base by Dun-Wel

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