Jack Harris & Samuel Rodgers
Primary / Unit 11

Samuel Rodgers (co-curator of Consumer Waste) pairs up with sound artist Jack Harris on two explorations of minimal performance and sound creation. Working in a semi-urban ambience—open windows, barking dogs, distant sirens—the duo suggest both a specific location and a generic one. Their previous work has explored tensions between analogue and digital processes; here, sounds remain mainly non-instrumental in source: amplified object manipulation, cable hum, and different types of feedback intrude upon room tone at various intervals, like heavy clusters of dry floating leaves settling on transparent pillows. These pieces blur definitions of action and performance, and call into contemplation the intention of sound-making and what defines its “success,” while repeatedly upending expectations about pace and content.

– Professionally duplicated edition of 100 on Chrome plus tape stock
– Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery
– Pro-printed in Portland, OR

Streaming audio can be heard here.

Brian Olewnick / Just Outside
Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
Miguel Isaza / Infinite Grain
Paul Margee / We Need No Swords

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