Chik White
Jaw Works  & Behind a Dead Tree on the Shore

Two sets of music by Chik White, an alias of Darcy Spidle, whose Nova Scotia-based Divorce Records has been slinging LPs of sonic bemusement since 1999. Jaw Works is made up of solo jaw harp performances, wringing mesmerizing detail from variations in rhythm and tempo, while achieving a wide variety of barely believable, almost synthesized-sounding timbres. Behind A Dead Tree On The Shore also features the jaw harp, albeit in concert with the North Atlantic Ocean, which inspired the more minimal, rhythmic pieces performed on the shore. Organic and personal, this is folk music created by a single person in his environment, using the most basic of musical tools.

– Professionally duplicated edition of 100 on Chrome tape stock
– Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery
– Pro-printed in Portland, OR

Streaming audio can be heard here.

Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
Byron Coley / The Wire
Doru Mihail / The Cookshop
Pierre Cécile / Le son du grisli
Raymond Cummings / Cassette Gods
Paul Margee / We Need No Swords
Dwight Pavlovic / Decoder

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