Early Notice Recordings memorabilia

Going through some old journals from 2009 and 2010, and stumbled upon a few old drawings relating to Notice.

The first is a quick draft of a tape insert design, which more-or-less functions as an early aesthetic framework for what we wanted Notice to look like. Haven’t used “old flowers” for a cover yet, but perhaps one day…

img_4924_altThe second documents the sound ingredients for Evan Lindorff-Ellery’s The Tea Merchant and His Atmospheres. Said items and sound sources were set into a crude mixer, with a few no-input patch cables, and the signal went directly to a 2-track tape, and that was the final product. It’s sold out, but can be purchased as a $3 download here.

img_4926_altIt reads :
“4-Track & 2-Track recordings of bell loops, Field Recordings taken from outside an apartment window in South Korea, 4-Track cymbal loop, 2-Track transposed bell loop, No-input mixer, empty tape-player pause signal, Field recordings of wind taken from within a garage in Indiana, AM & FM Radio, Birds”

About Notice

Cassette label established by Evan Lindorff-Ellery and Travis Bird in Chicago, IL, in 2010. Currently based in New Orleans. Focusing on sound art, minimalism, and other thoughtful avant-garde excursions made with the cassette medium in mind.
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