Events / Posters

If we know of a forthcoming show in Portland or New Orleans featuring musicians who have been on our label, folks for whom we have an affinity, or simply shows we think people might enjoy, they will be listed here. This probably won’t be updated too often. Just suggestions in passing…

April 30th : Arrington de Dionyso Trio / Ali Clarys / Mikah Sykes @ The Waypost
May 3rd : WORKDEATH / The Body / Ashworth / Redneck @ High Water Mark Lounge
May 4th : Philip Jeck / Mark Van Hoen / Simon Scott / Daniel Menche @ Holocene
May 6th : Brumes & David Allred @ Mother Foucault’s
May 12th : Brett Naucke / Matt Carlson / E M S vs. T E C @ S1 Portland
May 19th : Peter Brötzmann Quartet @ Mississippi Studios
May 21st : Dolphin Midwives / Venerable Showers of Beauty Gamelan Orchestra / Dead Death @ Kenton Masonic Temple
June 1st : Grammies / Like a Villain / Johanna Warren @ Holocene
June 2nd, 3rd, 4th : Creative Music Guild’s Improvisation Summit of Portland featuring : Vinny Golia, Ava Mendoza, Thollem McDonas, Golden Retriever, Rich Halley 4, John Gross Trio, Battle Hymns, and Gamble @ Disjecta

Also, sometimes we put on shows, or help facilitate musicians playing in collaboration with another organization. Here are some posters Evan made for these events. All of these are from Portland.