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New Year greetings and news

For a limited time, we’re offering free/pay-what-you-like for download-only releases, including sold out tapes that are now downloads. This sale will remain until we release a new batch of tapes in early 2017. Physical items remain 25% off during this sale.

Forthcoming 2017 releases include, but are not limited to:
Nick Hoffman‘s Salamander, his first solo outing since 2014’s Necropolis; Seth Cooke‘s instantiation of aussen raum, a score by Stefan Thut; recordings by Chik White from a residency in Economy, Nova Scotia; a remastered reissue of Jeph Jerman‘s Scrine, originally released in 1988; and Portland percussionist Matt Hannafin‘s recordings of the following John Cage compositions: ¢Composed Improvisation for One-Sided Drums With or Without Jangles, Variations III, Variations II, and One4.

Soundcloud samples are currently available for Nick Hoffman, Chik White, and the Stefan Thut and Seth Cooke collaboration:

A notable album featuring two Notice Recordings artists was recently released by Dylan Golden Aycock‘s fantastic Scissor Tale Editions. It’s a tribute to folk legend Bruce Langhorne, a fixture in the Greenwich Village scene and a collaborator with many musicians of the ’50s and ’60s, including Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Hugh Masekela, and Peter, Paul & Mary, among others. (An interesting fact is that Dylan’s “Mr Tambourine Man” was actually written about Langhorne, who once came to a recording session with a large Turkish frame drum.) The release features Notice Recordings artists Nathan McLaughlin and Talk West, as well as Notice personal favorites Loren Connors, Paul Metzger, Boxhead Ensemble, Scott Tuma, and Chris Corsano, including many others. A recommended release! Liner notes by The Wire’s Byron Coley.

Listen and purchase here.

Our 2016 year-end lists
Braeyden Jae – Fog Mirror (Whited Sepulchre Records)
Billy Gomberg – Slight At That Contact (Students of Decay)
Mathieu Ruhlmann/Chris Strickland – This Heap Is Greater Light (Glistening Examples)
Gil Sansón – Untitled (For Pierre Boulez)
T. Mikawa/John WieseOblique No Strategy (Helicopter)
Fraufraulein – 7C
Rafael Toral – Mills Session
Sarah Hennies – Gather & Release (Category of manifestation:)
Anthony Braxton/Miya Masaoka –  Duo (DCWM) 2013 (Rogueart)
Obody – Is A Bridge / A Ready Place (Already Dead)Rain Text – 1 (Skyapnea Records)
Tim Hecker – Love Streams (4AD)

Lone – Levitate (R&S Records)

Jesse Lanza – Oh No (Hyper Dub)
Arca – Entrañas
Bon Iver – 22, A Million (Jagjaguwar)

Frank Ocean – Blond (Boys Don’t Cry/XL Recordings)
U SCO – Tuskflower

Hannah Diamond – Fade Away (PC Music)

Danny Harle (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen) – Supernatural (PC Music/Columbia)

Danny Harle – Broken Flowers video (PC Music)



Anyone reading this with any interest will have experienced vastly more music than I did in 2016. I can’t in good conscience give favorites. But: my $0.02. Music releases continue to become more fluid with regard to format – some major releases had no physical component, and some labels are definitively betting on vinyl, and there are more cassette releases, and download codes abound. We acknowledge that music will be sampled and consumed at all times in every setting, but formats seem to suggest a “preferred” way to experience a release, often after liberal sampling. In other words, dust is settling on the nuclear explosion of digital music as we figure out what it means to search for what we really want or like.

Also: I feel like 2016 was divided for me between pre- and post-U.S. election. Beforehand, I found myself increasingly noticing and caring about who did something. Like many, I went out of my way to seek out the music of women, African-Americans, and others not like me. But in the past several weeks, my notion of “who” I’m “with” has expanded in a way I can’t put my finger on yet. Among those for whom the U.S. election was a disaster, what seems clear is the need to cultivate resistance in any form. Whoever is making music that, in whatever way, does not conform – avant-garde individualists, crate diggers, hip-hop auteurs, experimentalists and improvisers, performance artists, anti-commercialists – we need to seek their warmth and recognize it, be strengthened by it.

About Notice

Cassette label established by Evan Lindorff-Ellery and Travis Bird in Chicago, IL, in 2010. Currently based in New Orleans. Focusing on sound art, minimalism, and other thoughtful avant-garde excursions made with the cassette medium in mind.
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