No updates here

26756773_10102665212245311_1620509842748316863_oThis website isn’t updated anymore. (We were never very good at the whole “website” thing anyway.) That does not mean we are kaput; on the contrary, we’re very active, and have a number of releases forthcoming, including Nick HoffmanSarah Hennies/Greg Stuart, Loren Chasse, Okkyung Lee, and Matt Hannafin‘s peformance of four compositions by John Cage, among others. Eventually, we will have a revamped site, but who knows when. It’s not a priority. Until then, you can purchase in-print cassette tapes as well as $4.00 downloads of sold-out cassette tapes on our Bandcamp page, and check out any Notice Recordings news on our Twitter, Facebook, or sign up for our occasional newsletters, by emailing noticerecordings at gmail dot com.

Thanks for checking in.

About Notice

Cassette label established by Evan Lindorff-Ellery and Travis Bird in Chicago, IL, in 2010. Currently based in New Orleans. Focusing on sound art, minimalism, and other thoughtful avant-garde excursions made with the cassette medium in mind.
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