Sold out: Joda Clément – “I hope you like the universe”

Joda Clément‘s I hope you like the universe has now sold out. Normally, this would transfer to a $4 download, but because of our current sale, which continues until we release the first 2017 tapes, it is free/pay-what-you-want.
Bryon Hayes of Decoder said this:
“With ‘I hope you like the universe’, the composer combines synths, field recordings and a harmonium’s drone into a pair of vibrating sound fields, the energies of which continuously evolve and grow. Elements both recognizable and uncanny come into focus and dissolve in a shifting pattern of interleaved ideas, mostly calling to mind the interstitial atmospheres of human ports of call: images of lonely boatyards, deserted railway stations and highway bypasses immediately spring forth in the mind’s eye.”
What we said, upon release in April of 2015, this:
“These pieces vividly suggest both exterior and interior environments and the boundaries between them, like peering through layers of windowpanes from inside a still room. Here, Clément’s work is both industrial and intriguingly human, hinting at people and actions that might create certain daytime and nighttime sound environments while resisting identification.”
Release can be downloaded for free, here:

About Notice

Cassette label established by Evan Lindorff-Ellery and Travis Bird in Chicago, IL, in 2010. Currently based in New Orleans. Focusing on sound art, minimalism, and other thoughtful avant-garde excursions made with the cassette medium in mind.
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